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Diane Lalosh

Diane M Lalosh was born in New York State and moved to Northern California in 1980. She earned her law degree in 1992 and was admitted to the California Bar in December 1992. Diane began her legal career as a sole practitioner focusing on corporate clients and business litigation in Sonoma County, California.

Our Office

She has served as a Prosecutor in both California and Arizona. In California Diane volunteered with the Sonoma County Bar Association's Attorney Client Fee Dispute program as an arbitrator and with the Sonoma County Court as a Judge Pro Tempore.

Diane moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1999 and was admitted to the Arizona Bar in May 2000. She first worked in private practice before joining the Arizona Attorney General's Office and served as the Unit Chief Counsel in the Child Support Enforcement Section.

In 2004, Diane received the Attorney of the Year award from the Arizona Family Support Council for "making significant contributions in the field of child support enforcement by improving child support services". She was invited by a Pima County Court Judge to serve on a committee to implement a plan to bring before the Court non-custodial parents who had active child support arrest warrants. She was instrumental in getting many local Law Enforcement agencies to agree to participate in a round-up of parents with child support arrest warrants so that unpaid child support arrears could be collected and disbursed to the custodial parents.

The Lalosh Law office welcomes inquiries from attorneys in other states seeking representation for their clients in Arizona courts and clients involved in interstate disputes regarding divorce, child custody, or child support.