What We Provide

The Lalosh Law firm provides a safe place to address your concerns about family and/or criminal law matters. We are a small, client oriented firm. Our goal is to help guide you through a difficult situation and to provide you with sound legal advice and support as you navigate through the difficult and often confusing legal system.

Our passion is for the children in the community and we strive to achieve a result that is in the best interests of the children.

Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage with or without minor children

Post-Decree Modifications occur when circumstances or other factors change after entry of the original decree or order. This might have a significant impact on the rights and benefits of each party. When this occurs we can assess whether to begin the process of modifying the original decree or order to take these new factors into consideration.

Custody and Parenting Time Plans need to be established while a dissolution action is pending and it might be necessary to go to Court for temporary orders. The same thing is true if the parents were never married, but are no longer together or were never together.

It might be necessary to get temporary orders in place for financial support and/or custody.

Orders of Protection are measures that allow you to protect yourself and the rest of your family. It is a recommended step in the event that either party has a history of abuse or when events occur that are volatile or abusive.

Injunctions Against Harassment are similar to Orders of Protection except that the parties are not related to each other or involved in a relationship. For instance the person who is doing the harassment is a neighbor, friend, or co-worker.

Grandparents Rights are allowed under Arizona law. If a parent is preventing a grandparent from having a relationship with a grandchild, then a Court could grant some kind of grandparent visitation schedule.

Guardianship matters are appropriate where a person or family member has written permission from both parents to take over the custody and care of a minor child. These cases are different from custody matters in that the written permission must be obtained from both parents.

Out of State or Multistate issues come up when orders and/or divorces are granted in another state and then a party or a child relocates to Arizona or leaves the state. The existing order might need to be modified or terminated for some reason. These cases require an analysis of whether Arizona would have jurisdiction and if so how to go about getting orders in Arizona.


Drug Crimes
Credit Card Offenses
Gun Crimes
Sex Crimes

Juvenile Law

Termination of Parental Rights might be appropriate where one parent has abandoned a child for at least six months. These cases are filed in Juvenile Court.

Dependency matters are usually initiated by the State of Arizona when Child Protective Services becomes involved when the welfare or safety of minor children is at risk. These cases are filed in Juvenile Court and the children can be either reunified with the parent(s) or placed in foster care or with a family member.

Criminal cases are brought in Juvenile Court when the person is under the age of 18 and they have committed a criminal offense.